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Who We Are

We are committed to creating a digital community for professionals in the fashion industry to be able to create, locate useful resources and tools, and promote their brand.

Get To Know More About Us!

Our journey started a few years ago when we launched as a company dedicated to connecting the plus-size fashion industry worldwide. To accomplish this, we held several International fashion shows in Toronto and in Paris, showcasing plus-size models, designers and influencers, which in turn won over the hearts of our supporters. With this, we knew we had made a noticeable impact in the fashion industry.

Overtime, our team here at Malia Indigo had the opportunity to connect with a number of talented individuals, such as bloggers, designers, models, entrepreneurs, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, media personalities, and many more.

We have been privileged enough to launch our new Social Media Platform, dedicated to uniting the fashion community on a global scale. This new platform is open to anyone who has an authentic passion for fashion. Your size is just a number. You can be a seasoned professional in the industry, or a newcomer looking to get their foot in the game.

What Makes Us Unique?

Through careful and diligent planning, we’ve decided to expand our business strategy. What was once a directory for individuals in the plus-size industry, has now transformed into an organization that focuses on more inclusive fashion, that focuses on all forms, regardless of size, race, ethnicity, height, gender, or shape.

We believe fashion has the ability to unite people from all walks of life, and our platform illustrates that completely! Share your story, promote your portfolio, connect with like-minded individuals, advertise our events, or seek out other events, the options are endless. We’re here to help you achieve your goals!

Meet the CEO

Josiane Laure Modjom also known as Malia Indigo, founded Malia Indigo Corporation in 2016 and has been using her influence as a fashion show producer and Model to inspire as many people as she can. Aside from being the CEO of one of Toronto’s most innovative start-ups, she is also an experienced Accountant.

Her goal through Malia Indigo is to create a community in where fashion professionals can have a safe space to sharpen their craft, effectively network, and showcase their talent. She intends for this community to live on long after her, to be a blessing for this generation, and every generation after. Where individuals, regardless of their  body type, or size, socio-economic background, race and ethnicity, can genuinely and authentically relate with one another.

“An opportunity not taken is an opportunity missed” Josiane Laure Modjom