From an exclusive International online directory to an inclusive Fashion social media

As we have witnessed in all of our past endeavors, the creation of plus fashion industry directory, the #plusvisibility campaign, an open and honest communication goes a long way. When we were looking for a concept of a dedicated medium that will connect the creatives in the fashion industry and promote diversity/inclusion, our only vision for it came in the shape of social media platform.

Malia Indigo awarded most innovative start-up by CBC. Read more here  And view the documentary.

This time, we thought to unite and connect all the professionals in the fashion industry worldwide without any discrimination. The truth is, there is an overwhelming number of: designers, craftspeople, wholesalers, retailers, models, photographers, runway show production crews looking to develop their skills, learn from each other, inspire, connect and support each other.

But how would we do that?

Indeed, the traditional magazine seemed to have seen better day. People seem to be non receptive of a curated view anymore. We are in an era of dialog, information exchange, the discussion and partnerships. The directory that we have created before was very functional and did a great job connecting people – but the main communication between them had to be outside its framework.

This is how Malia Indigo Social Media Platform, the International fashion Network concept is born! We simply thought what fashion creatives needed :

  • Exposure
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Knowledge base
  • Tutorials
  • Inspiration

We have built it to offer all people in the fashion industry internationally – from models and photographers, to designers and retailers a comfortable environment where they can communicate.

How often did it happen that on social platforms people start judging and unfollowing you because you simply are too excited about your calling, and share every detail of your achievements. It simply won’t happen here at Malia Indigo social media platform – as all those who are there are as passionate about fashion as you are, and will support you in your endeavors.

  • No limitations on how many people you can follow, or how many people can follow you
  • No controlling algorithms that prevent others from seeing what you do (unless you decide so)
  • No strangers who plague you with weird messages
  • You will never be valued by number of fake likes. (instead of fake 2000 blind eyes your content will real live audience that actually help, collaborate, buy )
  • All communication will be real and genuine – just add your friends to your circle!
  • The copy-write for your unique creations is yours!

Here you will simply grow, develop and build your business with like minded people by your side. This community can truly be all you want it to be!

Model Marquita Williams

For us at Malia Indigo it will help to achieve one more important goal – to integrate the Plus size fashion with the rest of the industry. Make plus models collaborate with fashion designers, buyers find collections for their stores, the boutiques to look for the local and international talent to showcase in their stores. Surely this is the way where the whole industry is headed.

And most important, Malia Indigo Social Media Platform is designed as is a living organism that can simply expand, add functionalities, and new features to serve its community and help them achieve their creative goals without unnecessary limitations. All of this can be done internationally! There is no barriers in the international fashion community. There is no limitations. You can go as far as you want.

The platform also will be open to fashionistas who can come and shop and have a sneak peek at what’s new in the world of fashion. And there is something new not only daily, but hourly.

We will be truly thrilled to see you on-board  exploring, showcasing, telling your story, selling and building new partnerships. All the best things in life are achieved by connecting with people who we think alike.

Join us, grow and build the international fashion community.

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