Paris Plus Size Fashion Show, February 2018 by Malia Indigo

The success of The Plus Fashion show in Toronto in 2017 has perfectly demonstrated that    the interest towards plus fashion and issues surrounding it is massive, and not only in Toronto, but internationally. After the show Malia Indigo’s phone and email were flooded with information inquiries, press release requests and messages coming from all parts of the world.

It seemed surprising that an important cause like this lacked its own channels and platforms outside Malia Indigo Directory, #plusvisibliity campaign, our very own Toronto show and a few magazines. The one thing remained obvious – Malia Indigo had to expand its horizons and reach internationally.

If we think of fashion – Paris was always at its heart – and it was the next logical step for the Plus Size Fashion. The minute Malia Indigo announced that the show was in its planning stage the community across Europe has started pulling together efforts.

Josiane Laure Modjom A.K.A Malia Indigo, Executive producer of the Paris Plus Size Fashion Show. Dressed by Anelehs Atelier

The models for the show came from Romania, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Korea, joined by Canada and USA. The show Art Director, Angela Plummer came all the way from the United Kingdom to put together this unique vision.

The tickets were sold out in the matter of a few days with a lot of international guests in the audience flying in to see the show. We prepared to make yet another splash in the media.

The 5 designers handpicked for the Paris Plus Show were showcasing the clothing that was designed to make curvy women looking beautiful, elegant and comfortable – all that you would want clothing to do.

Up until now the European fashion runways lack of plus size models walking for designers and major brands. Fashion simply demanded from women to look certain way and fit into its rigid standards.

Models from left to right: Shaniaty, Adela Lupse,VVD, E.tual, Grace

Of course, there was a room for double standard – as most of the brands do expand their size offering to plus now. But it was the matter of adding a few more clothing racks in the stores and making it a point no matter what not to be seen on the runway. None of it took into consideration the individuality of curvy body and was specifically designed for it, it was always an afterthought, something like: we designed it anyway, let’s make it in a bigger size.

We offered a solution, we were bold enough to demonstrate how it works. We showcased the designers who worked in this segment: Anelehs Atelier from Chicago, Mell’s Creations – shoes designer from Paris, Dearcurves from London and Leeloo Paris . We showed how it looks on the models.We created personal experience that could be shared and enjoyed. At the same time it raised important issues of health and body positivity.

Models from left to right : Adela Lupse, Suga Berry, Isac, Marquita Williams. Shoes brand : Mell’s Creations.

Just a few month before the show the laws were passed in France that made hiring models with the body mass under certain standard illegal. The concern for models’ well-being will certainly have its repercussions internationally as France is setting trends in fashion internationally.

Of course one can not expect to change the mentality overnight especially for the industry that was shaping itself for decades. But we felt that the conversation was started,if not all questions were answered, at least they were asked.

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