#Plusvisibility Campaign Launch by Malia Indigo

Malia Indigo International Plus Directory, successfully launched back in 2017 has perfectly demonstrated that the Plus Size fashion professional community is active, thriving and ready for more publicity here in Toronto and globally.

The sad truth is, the fashion industry and the modern media never had the Plus Fashion in the focus of its attention. It was always at the sidelines, unseen, unspoken, unheard of. The issues were never discussed , the problems never addressed. It was, indeed, a poor cousin, hiding in the shadow, no one wanted to speak of. But it was undeniably there.

For decades you would never see a plus mannequin in the store, on the magazine cover, let alone, in any commercial ad, except for Plus specialized store. As if, you would never see full body figured women  around us, on the street and in the stores.

But it was difficult to hide the actual issues that existed underneath for long:

  • Poor body image associated with plus sizes
  • Often, negative attitude in general public
  • Denial of simple fact that all of us are different and for different reasons
  • Fashion industry ignoring the needs of plus size clients
  • Mental & emotional problems caused by negative perception of plus size people
  • It was uncool to design for full bodied women
  • It was understood that plus size models would never walk on a runway for any major designer or brand.

From left to right: Model/Fashion influencer Ophilia Alleyne, Model/Blogger Sheila Lopez, Fashion designer Suzy Tamasy. All dressed by Artista Apparel.

The inspirational story of body positivity had to be told, This is how #Plusvisibility campaign was created. We used local Plus size talent, sizes 16 to 25, and local plus designers’ clothing in a photoshoot campaign to create captivating images for our #plusvisibility campaign.

It was the plus story told firstand, from our perspective, supporting the other full bodied ladies and giving them a voice, an opinion and a way to express themselves.

Moreover, #plusvisibility hashtag could be used by anyone and anybody who wanted to share experiences, aspirations, point of view of plus size fashionistas. It caught on! Up to date only on instagram there is over 8000 posts, with each of them boasting thousands of likes.  It was all started by our campaign. And the conversation keeps going turning into a meaningful dialogue with more and more people joining in.

The images under the hashtag swiftly were picked up by the media. We are excited to see more Plus Size fashion related issues covered by headlines and stories in the mainstream media. They started to listen, they started to see. There are ripples on the water!

It turns out, that the Plus size models’, fashionistas and body positivity avid supporters’ stories and shared experiences are, indeed, captivating and offer an insight on the complete story, hardly ever heard before without a prejudice, blame or harsh judgement.

Model Pascale Ramalingum

Clear communication within #plusvisibility concept does make its impact on society. Slowly but surely it helps to win the positive body image its rightful place under the sun. We see more and more brands and designers catering to the plus market, we do see plus size models on runways, and we do see more and more Plus ads as part of the mainstream fashion. The trend is clearly growing and is here to stay.

Have you used #plusvisibility hashtag lately?

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