Toronto Plus Size Fashion Show SS2017 by Malia Indigo

All this time Malia Indigo supported Plus size fashion, worked hard on its awareness issues, helped industry professionals connect and share their experiences. It was time when Plus Fashion had to be seen on runway, just the very same way the mainstream fashion was.

On July 2017 Josiane Laure Modjom, or Malia Indigo, as was her modeling name, and since then, the name that went on the banners of major projects, related to plus size fashion in Toronto have launched the very first all Plus Size Fashion show.

Coordinated by RDK Events & Communications and designed by Ophilia Alleyne, The show was designed to showcase Plus Size Fashion talent, including international models, designers, boutiques, to fashion forward audience. It was yet another big step in the  exciting story of the plus fashion’s journey.

From left to right: Ontario NDP/Co-founder of Body Confidence Canada Jill Andrew, Founder/CEO of Malia Indigo Josiane Laure Modjom, Director of CurvyExpo Meghan Bradley, TV Show producer Nikky Clarke

At the show the guest speakers Megan Bradley, Jill Andrew and Nikky Clarke, and Josiane Laure herself shared the stories and challenges of the plus size fashion, and amazing people involved in its creation and support. It was thoughtful, meaningful and deeply touching conversation based on the personal experiences of the key supporters of the cause. And their stories were truly heard both by its 200 and something guests and media.

The concept of the show, in itself, was impressive with models walking under the open sky downtown Toronto at Addison’s residence on a beautiful summer day. The clothing showcased on the runway was simply exciting, practical and  great for beauties of all sizes, this time without discrimination and any reservations.

It well demonstrated the fact that plus size fashion deserves its rightful spotlight and can hold attention very well. It was not a test! It was a bold statement of confidence and self expression.

Models from left to right: Malia Indigo, Kaity Wuebbolt, Mallory Richardson, Melissa Bidounga, Debbie.

Among the designers showcasing their work in front of excited audience were Elle Marks (then line Elle Made Well, now Elle and Company) and Marche Plus. Also boutiques Sexy Plus Clothing, SuzyQJewels and Pursed boutique showcased their selection handpicked  specifically for the show.

Thinking back, we can not help but mention that yet another important aspect of the show was the simple fact that it gave their rightful place on the runway the internationally recognized plus models Mallory Richardson and Marquita Williams, as well as local talent. And they rightfully owned it, making a powerful impact internationally.

And, moreover, we were thrilled to see a few plus modelling careers effortlessly lift off, proving the simple fact that all you need for success is hard work and a chance. Up until now plus models are offered far too little opportunities to truly shine.

The plus fashion tested on the runway and well received by the audience was for sure to make a commercial success in the stores and plus boutiques, now more and more accessible to the body positive curvy fashionistas passionate about fashion.

It was a great moment of celebration, a visible and tangible proof of how much can be achieved when you have a chance to bring together the people dedicated to common goal. The Toronto Plus Size Fashion show was successful simply because it was not about just one plus fashion showcase but a part of continuous efforts by Malia Indigo, bringing the whole international community together.

Among the shows and all the buzz it is easy to forget that the primary goal of fashion is to make us all feel better about ourselves, not to try to change us and adapt to its capricious whims.

Models from left to right: Marquita Williams, Zane, Amber Taylor, Alabama Valentine, Caterina Moda

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