About Us


Who We Are

Malia Indigo is a networking platform for fashion professionals. Driven by the movement towards an unbound fashion industry, it is a safe space for inclusive expression, creation and connection. We understand intersectional identities are the lifeblood of fashion’s dynamic energy. Our platform empowers voices from all embodiment, backgrounds and identities. Speak up, make connections, build your brand and be seen.

Where We Started

Dedicated to connecting the fashion industry worldwide, Malia Indigo Corporation launched in 2016. We began by producing international fashion shows in cities like Toronto and Paris. Our events grew to celebrate models, designers and influencers working to expand representation of body size within the fashion industry. This garnered us the attention of supporters and proved our efforts were making an impact in the fashion industry.

How We’re Different

Since the beginning, Malia Indigo Corporation has connected with many talented bloggers, designers, models, entrepreneurs, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, media personalities, and more. To support this community, we have recently launched an industry-focused global networking platform, maliaindigo.com. The platform fosters diversity in our industry and is open to fashion professionals of all backgrounds, embodiment and identities. Share your story, promote your portfolio, connect with like-minded people, advertise your events, attend the events of others – the opportunities are endless and rewarding.

Meet the CEO

Josiane Laure Modjom also known as Malia Indigo, founded Malia Indigo Corporation in 2016. Beginning her career as a successful accountant, her deep interest in fashion led her down a new path. As a model and fashion show producer, she uses her influence to inspire others to be seen and heard in an often-marginalizing industry. With Malia Indigo, Josiane is fostering an inclusive, safe space for fashion professionals to network, grow their businesses, showcase their talents and benefit their communities for generations to come.

“Fashion has no size, no color, no gender and no shape”

 –  Josiane Laure Modjom